The Dilemma of Distractions

Focus! Concentration! Attention! Awareness!

That’s all we need in life to function effectively and efficiently. But here we have created a world full of distractions for us. Eating while watching t.v. Driving while listening to music. Studying while socially interacting. We want peace of mind and yet we have devised clever methods to lose peace.

We are busy beings, while doing one chore we are thinking of the next. In the process we lose grip on both. We keep on thinking of the next moment to come, next task to perform, next work to attend to, the future to come, that future which we aren’t sure is promised or not.

We are wrapped up in distractions. A cell phone in hand, a watch on the wrist, a note pad in the bag. A reminder here, an alarm there.

We try so hard to control the life. Yet, what part of it is that we can actually control.

You take out time from your busy schedule, put in all your energy and persuade yourself to hit the gym or to go for a walk in a park. Although you are supposed to be having a leisure time all by yourself, yet you are still connected to the world through the shackles of emails, messages, notifications and much more. How often you read your environment. How often you immerse yourself in the gifts of nature…that tall tree at the corner of the park, those chirping birds making their nest high on the branches of the tree… all those shades of green, the blooming flowers and much more. Or how often you have read the faces going in different directions around you. So similar yet so different. Or how often you give yourself your undivided attention.

Distractions are the essence of dissatisfaction.

You can never satisfy yourself when you are working with your heart at one place and your mind at another. Take your time and give yourself time. Live in the present and while living in the present neither fear the future nor cling to the past. Get away from anything and everything that is letting you slip away from this moment of the present.

Lose your distractions and gain yourself.

Have a happy living in the moment with least distractions.


The Poor, Dark, Fat and Ugly Gems of the World!

Life is not always fair. Not to everyone at least. Impartiality of life is depicted in different forms and so does partiality.

In recent times, partiality started coming in the form of currency, color, physique and appearances.

Those on one side of this chess board of life keep on enjoying the privileges that life offered them free of cost and without effort. While others, not so fortunate like the blessed creed of the world struggle all through life to prove their mettle. It is such a tiring journey when all through your life you have to convince others that…

You are much more than a color of skin, a number on the weighing scale, a mere physique or a favored appearance.

There’s more to your personality, above and beyond the comparison scales this world has devised. It is so unjust that the fair faces and fit figures, wealthy beings and attractive appearances get more attention from the world. In our personal and professional lives, we resort to these fake idols of self-worth. And in doing so, more often than ever, we deprive others of their due right of attention. Giving more time and care to those whom we perceive better based on their corporal traits only. Not everyone is created equally in terms of these materialistic idols that we have started adoring today. But, everyone is equal in their own personal worth.

While we laugh at character, morals, values, integrity and virtues, they mourn our ignorance.

We judge others more based on these worldly means and less on spiritual yardsticks. Everyone here likes and is attracted more towards a pretty smile, a rich aura, a smart personality or a fair face. But these traits should not be considered a means to weigh a person’s worth. Everyone has a personality of his own. Everyone has a heart that feels this discrimination and aches for the same kindness and care. But unfortunately, not everyone gets it. As we are so indulged in revering our own idols of beauty and riches we forget that somewhere sometimes we also get to be the victim of this discrimination.

May we learn soon, sooner enough before much hearts are broken.


No Year Resolution!

New No Year Resolution        

A new year is just around the corner. This is that time of the year, again, when all of us have broken enough rules, savored ample heart-breaks and have been through adequate disappointments. Yet we are all ready to straighten our course and set sails in uncharted waters of the upcoming year. But, in most of the cases we are making way for more disappointments to come over like unannounced guests over the weekend. So, what to do about this.

How to plan for the year head without deviating from our plans later in the year and without facing discontents. Well, solution might lie in not making any resolutions this coming year. Sounds as absurd as it is, yet it still makes sense in its sheer simplicity.

We all try to make unrealistic goals for us, over-optimistically, that sound un-achievable at onset of the New Year. Just as the clock strikes 12 at midnight and the world is celebrating the inception of a brand new year; we expect ourselves to be a different person altogether.

Life can’t be altered in a day or two. It requires the art of consistency coupled with a motivated workmanship.

Each moment is an opportunity to make yourself better. So, this year for a change, we might think to alter the strategy of not making any resolution. Just by taking this decision a huge burden will be lifted off our shoulders. Otherwise, we all know we would be busy in jotting down our list of imperfections to feed our new year resolutions. Let’s not put ourselves under this stress this year.

Take life one day at a time. Devour each day as it arrives. Let us not keep the contentment of achievement put too far away from us. 

Let us taste the fruit of our hard work with each passing day. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket to get them broken as you fail to achieve all the enlisted goals at the end of the year.

On the other hand if you have started thinking of the golden tradition of ‘New Year, New Me’ then you can opt for another elucidation.

Go for one ultimate resolution this year, “I will make myself a better person and will work towards being the best version of myself.”

That is pretty much it. It holds the key to achieving all your goals whether you aim for personal excellence or professional mastery. Each year we make a number of resolutions ranging from changing or adopting personal habits to achieving professional goals. But just a day or two into the New Year, these resolutions start to crumble and with this our hopes start to shatter into pieces. The best way to avoid negativity to set in at the beginning of an emerging year is that we must take measures to change the recipe of contentment.

Although, aim for mastery in most people’s opinion starts with the act of goal setting and thus resolutions are a key ingredient in the recipe of success. But, what if these same set of convictions are demoralizing on account of the non-achievement of a single goal.

If you go through the days of the year that have conceded so far, you will realize that you were able to add a number of  good habits and change a number of bad habits from your personal routine. You might also have acknowledged your weaknesses and strengths. You might have tried to make your connection with the Almighty a bit more strong. You might have explored new dimensions of your personality. Through this practice of living you must have realized that perhaps you have done pretty well without following any particular set of resolutions.

Towards the end of another year, just start to understand the essence of life. It doesn’t lie in achieving heights of perfection. As perfection in its core is unattainable. It’s just a relative term to put us through the agony of comparing ourselves with others.

Life is more than worldly desires and materialistic possessions. It is not defined by the trophies on your shelf, the degrees on your resume or the amount in your account. It is also not defined by the number of items crossed on your bucket list or the destinations stamped on our passport.

It is sometimes just about the contentment in your heart when you lay down to sleep. Sometimes it comes down to the fact that finally you are able to forgive others for their malice and still be in peace. So, if our life is not defined by the mere idols that we have created for us then why go through the trouble of defining our lives by the strict rules of resolutions. Why not live freely without the demons of expectations that the upcoming year will be something an out of the world kind of experience for us. Let us focus on becoming a better version of ourselves this coming year. Let us try to make the lives of the people around us a bit more comfortable with our presence. These simple goals would make pretty much great resolutions for the upcoming year.

So let’s have No Year Resolution!


New Year Present to Give Yourself

Caspar Benson—Getty Images

We need the love of our self as much as we are willing to give it to the people around us. Because you cannot give what you haven’t received and you cannot give more than you have received. Be it love, kindness or lending an ear to listen. We always take gratitude and pride in giving. Giving others a part of our heart. Giving them a part of our life. Sometimes we put our heart and soul in giving others the gift of our personal attention and care.In doing so we develop an unfathomable urge to receive. To receive the kindness in return. To receive the attention in return. This is a profound human capability to gain from the loss. To gain peace of mind from the loss of time spent on others. To gain contentment of the heart from the loss of spending on presents for others.

In this process, more often we forget the most important person in our lives; OURSELF.

This year, let’s turn the tables. Start this coming year with giving to our self the ultimate gifts that we have been longing since ages. But the ones that we were unable to give our self. Sometimes due to the lack of time on our part and sometimes due to the lack of kindness for our self. We have devised strange ways to deprive our self from our own self. This coming year let’s try to be more kind to our self by following some simple drills.

Hope you will love yourself a bit more, the coming year onwards after this.

Hear Yourself Better

Hear more intently to your heart, body and soul. These are your life long companions. They are your best friend and worst enemy depending on whether you make a friend or foe out of them. Listen to what your heart is asking you for. Pay attention to what are the needs of that sculpted being of yours. Receive what the soul has to offer. Accordingly, change your lifestyle, alter your work profile, develop some healthy habits and improve your praying ritual.

Forgive Yourself First

As it is said that ‘charity begins at home’, same is the case with forgiveness. It also starts from us. If you can’t forgive yourself for your past sins, mistakes and wrongdoings; you will never be able to forgive others. We all know forgiveness is first and foremost meant for us then for others. This is to put down the baggage of the past that we have been carrying for long. It is for our own peace more than for others. So, this coming year put aside all your grudges against yourself. Forgive yourself for everything that hasn’t worked for you till now. Acknowledge that with the experience and knowledge that you had, you did your best. Acknowledge that you have tackled life with the best of your intentions and abilities and you no longer hold yourself accused for all that you couldn’t achieve.

Forgive yourself and do this with utmost kindness and without any hint of resentment. Utmost honesty and gratitude is also required to accept this apology from your own self and knowing that you have forgiven yourself.

This is just one part of the ritual of forgiveness.

Then, move on to the second part of forgiveness. Forgive others. Forgive those who have wronged you, who have done injustice to you.

Know and believe in your heart that sometimes people are driven by their nature rather than circumstances. 

Some people are bound to do good as it is part of their incessant nature. Similarly, if not always but mostly, when people are mean, selfish, dishonest and unfair to others; that’s also an undeniable part of their nature. So, forgive them for their nature over which they don’t have any control. Such people need our forgiveness, more than our response.

Love Yourself Unconditionally 

Don’t torment yourself for not confirming to the expectations of the world. Love yourself for the sake of becoming comfortable in your own skin. Love yourself the way you are. Love yourself with all your inner flaws. Your insecurity, your shyness, your fears are all part of you. They can be tapered but can’t be uprooted altogether. Similarly, love yourself with all your outward flows. Your complexion: dark or light, your voice: coarse or shrill, your height: tall or short, your weight: over or under, your eye color: blue or brown; are just your physical credentials and nothing more than that. Keep it to the level of physical traits only. Anything beyond that is a disgrace to your own self and a denial of gratitude towards the Creator. Work on yourself but only to improve your well-being not to become someone else.

Accept, respect and love yourself the way you are.

Use the Power of Solitude

Seclusion, isolation, privacy; whatever you call it, it’s a gift in every form. It’s the first step in knowing yourself better. Give yourself the gift of some alone time to ponder over your life. Develop a habit, go window shopping, cook for yourself, go for a leisure walk, listen to music, go on a drive, whatever you feel like doing, take time out for your own self.

We all are finite.

Our strengths are also limited. Some day we are going to leave ourselves. Before that learn to know yourself so that you can know this world better. The time spent with your own self is the best time once you start to love and respect your own company.

Don’t be a lonely soul in a crowd, instead become a spectacle in your own self.


The Fitted Misfits!

Some people are a perfect misfit for their workplace, environment and surroundings; yet they all have to survive one way or the other. We all have to live under the burden of expectations of our family, superiors, mentors and above all the society. The day a new-born opens his eyes in this world, he is labelled with tags of expectations ranging from ways of living his personal life to adopting a particular line of work in his professional life. Too bad that we are living in a world where we want to shape our own life freely but can’t, due to the pressure the society puts on us. Too bad that we are part of that world where we want to follow our heart which others take pride in breaking.

The only way to live in such a world is to find your calling.

Someday you are going to find it. No matter how long it takes. Just take your time to make it happen.

The world is full of stories of dejected relationships with self and work. No one can live with peace of mind and serenity of the heart being a Fitted Misfit. Just as her, who was born in a family of doctors, so the natural expectation from her was to join this clan of medical professionals. Despite of her own desire of becoming an artist, she was made to fit in the medicine world that was a perfect misfit for her. Similarly, he was brought up in a family of educators where it was all but natural to become something else. Under this undue pressure, he joined the teaching profession in a hope to someday find a way to make it fit with his personality. But maybe he was asking too much. May be we as human beings are not made and tuned in this way by the Creator.

So, never take the risk of being in that all perky relationship, joining that auspicious job, moving to that buzzing city, against your own desire, just because you think that you will make your heart adjust one day.

Too unfortunate, that our heart does not go by rules of the world and doesn’t believe the logics of the mind. It goes by instinct, the contentment of choice and the longing of connection to the soul. It can’t be restrained, tamed or disciplined.

But still, all lifelong we try to fit in a world that is perfectly a misfit place for us. There’s no pain like being a misfit in a world where you can be anything.

We are not bound to live by the definitions of nature and character that are imposed on us right from the very beginning till the end. We all have the right to meet the people we want to, to opt for the profession we want to with all the right reasons to live the way our heart desires. But we are too burdened by the expectations of the world and people around us.

I am not what you thought of me.  I am what I have made of me.

I am not here to live by the rules that you have decided for me for your own benefit. I am here to live my life the way I deem fit for myself. I am not going to act to be sculpted as per your heart’s desire. I have a mould of my own choices.

None of us is created similar, so why be judged on similar grounds. 

Too often in our lives we find ourselves on the cross-roads of morality and character. Where, although being on the right path we find ourselves stranded. 

In a world filled with blunt and outspoken people, a shy soul is a fitted misfit.

In a world which relies on lies, souls resorting to truth are perfect misfits.

In a social economy that benefits from fraudulent practices, souls standing up to deceit are fitted misfits.

In a corporate world revolving around flattery, someone not exercising adulation is a fitted misfit.

In a world of hypocrites, honest people are fitted misfits.  

In a world of Fitted Misfits; upheld morals, ethics, honesty and authenticity are not desirable traits.

This world is not a pleasant place for the breed of the fitted misfits. These are the people questioning the status quo. They are the ones who stand against moral and societal injustice. It’s not easy for fitted misfits to survive in a world which demerits everyone and anyone who questions its malpractices.

But; what makes them stand tall and go places is the delight of the heart and tranquility of the soul that comes only from the feeling of not bowing down to injustice and prejudice.

If you are one of them, take pride in yourself and know that satisfaction is the biggest treasure of the heart. Take pride in your forte and strength and use it as a gift to make this world a little bit more livable and loveable for Fitted Misfits like you.

Human Mirrors!


Image by Alex Baker

You, Me and all of Us, whether good or bad, are reflections of each other. We find parts of ourselves in others. We are all connected in the greater scheme of this universe.

We attract what we are.

What we are hiding in the deep crevices of our heart and soul will be evident through the people we connect with. That is how, it happens so often, that we connect instantly with some  people and get offended promptly by some. No matter how much we try, we will never find peace around those who are not a reflection of our own self. Similarly, no matter how harsh the circumstances are, we will find solace in our reflection in someone like us.

We, at some point of time in our lives, find ourselves walking in the wasteland of seclusion. Some of us couldn’t even succeed in getting out of this wilderness. The walls that we have built around us and the boundaries that we have demarcated for us don’t allow us to see others as a reflection of our own self. Somehow, somewhere we are all alike in perspectives of our dispositions.

You, me and each one of us will find fragments of our personalities in others.

The one trait that you admire the most in someone, might be the same that you were aiming to develop in your own personality. The one thing that you despise the most about someone might be the same that you want to change in yourself.

Wherever we go and wherever we are, we can find souls with the same emotional frequency as us. That one best friend, that one compatible cousin, that one understanding colleague… how we have managed to keep them in our circle of life. Because these are the people who are just like us. Who retain the same philosophy of life as us. Who share the same feelings on the journey of life as us. Who have trodden the similar path of life as us, if not the same.

We connect instantly with those with whom our personalities resonate in perfect harmony.

Somehow, through the process of evolution we have learnt the art of grasping the aura of others and recognizing our own reflection in others, who are not like us in flesh and blood. Those soulful conversations, those deep thoughts, those inspiring ideas and those joyous plans are meant to be shared with only a few around us.

We find ourselves in the mist of this crowded world in people who reflect our spirit and ambitions. 

Sometimes we find ourselves in the joy of a kind heart and sometimes in the malice of a wary soul. What you are going through might be the same that I went through once. Your joy was my happiness once. Your sorrow could be my suffering someday. So, we are, in reality, mere reflections of each other.

We all are weaved in the fabric of connection. That connection can take many forms…happiness, sorrow, joy, grief.

Through the course of life, we have learnt that we are not the only ones with that emotional trauma and with that heartache. In the face of calamity of life, we all have similar experiences. I find fragments of my life in you. You might find parts of your journey in me. It is a blessing to find your reflection in others, otherwise we would be yearning and longing for pouring our heart out. It’s just essential that we untangle each other’s stories knot by knot, thread by thread.

Like-minded friends, compatible family members, colleagues sharing similar passions…if you find any of these in your life then you are truly blessed. These are the people who are ‘You in the silhouette of another soul’. These are the people who are like us in a world which is so dauntingly diverse.

The purpose is to find these Human Mirrors to share your joys & unburden your sorrows and above all to unwind yourself.


Declutter! The Human Form of it.

Once in a while we all clean our closets, empty the drawers, straighten out our wardrobes to get rid of the redundant items. We go through this activity to bring the chaos in order. We aim to get rid of the stuff that isn’t adding value to our life. We try to clear the mess that we have been hoarding.

Do these activities sound somewhat familiar to you? Aren’t we all surrounded by the human forms of this clutter. Someone who isn’t going to be happy for us ever. Someone who always takes us for granted. Someone who always takes advantage of us. Someone who is no more than a fair-weather friend.

Still we cling to such people with all our goodness.

What decluttering does for us is it frees up space for something novel, something better. It refreshes our surroundings. Doesn’t we all need this in our lives and need it badly. The human form of decluttering does the same for us.

Decluttering is as necessary for our emotional well-being as it is for our materialistic lives.

With the evolving world, our objectives for living have also evolved. Now we all want satisfaction and peace of mind before anything else; which can’t be achieved unless we declutter once in a while. It promises that we don’t have to deal with unnecessary negativity in its human shape. It saves our energy to be expended on positive and productive errands. It is to keep ourselves away from people who drain our energy and whose energy doesn’t match with our aura.

Decluttering is about keeping our circle short and sweet.

Those who don’t add value to our life are to be kept out of the drawers of our mind. With this, all those useless conversations, postponed plans, hopeless expectations, disheartened rejections and temporary affiliations will also leave and we all know that we are better off without them.

Whether it is a mean co-worker, a fake friend or an unkind relative…DECLUTTER!

Don’t let them occupy a place in your heart and mind; although they would be there in the same space that you share. Declutter for the mere sake and necessity of it. As it is your basic human right to choose what is best for you.

A Thousand Languages

Love speaks a thousand languages and so does care, respect and support. It speaks as loudly as those three words we have been associating with it since ages and it is as subtle as a simple ‘Take Care’ gesture.

Love lacking care is a hoax mere. Care without respect is a false hope. Respect without support is worthless.

‘Take Care’, ‘Have a break’, ‘Have lunch on time’, ‘Drive safe’, are the languages of love shrouded in care.

‘I have got your back’, ‘I am with you’, ‘I support you’, are the languages of care cloaked as support.

‘I understand you’, ‘I am listening’, ‘I am here for you’, are the forms of respect disguised as love.

Love is perhaps the most misinterpreted feeling on the face of this earth.

It is boundless and yet confined in color, race, creed and gender.

It is liberating yet it is curbed with the norms of the society and limits of perception. Limiting it is like trying to tame the storm and confine the oceans. It encompasses everyone; from man to Almighty and connects them both.  Love takes many forms, shapes and hues. It starts with a simple, innocent, oblivious infatuation for someone and concludes with a lifetime contract of care, respect and support. It begins with a simple urge of understanding and reaches the ultimate devoted submission to Almighty.

So, let love be a verb and practice it with care, showing respect to support your near and dear ones; and let it not just be a noun to keep it as a souvenir on the mantelpiece of your heart.  

Soul Goals

You, me, all of us; are specks of amazement and streaks of wonder, boxed in finite beings as infinite souls. We are much much more than just beings.

We are a universe in ourselves.

Then how can this universe be so meager and minute, so limited and finite. With limitless desires of the heart and endless beliefs in the mind how we can limit ourselves to mere existences.

The mysteries of the soul are beyond the comprehension of this world.

Soul is never satisfied with worldly gains and materialistic possessions. The most difficult task in life is to quench the thirst of the soul. It desires quality over quantity, it wishes tranquility over clatter, it needs peace more than hustle, it wants to declutter rather than hoard and it aims to listen rather than speak. Still it expresses itself in strange unusual ways; a word of prayer for something, a gesture of tender loving care for someone, a sense of belonging to some place. The soul dwells in the past, present and the future all at once.

Soul is both boundless and rebellious.

You can’t confine it within the physical boundaries of time and place. The soul craves a passion adorned with love, crafted with care and protected with prayers. Be it a person, a place, or a feel.

The goals of the soul are the friend of the self and enemy of the ego.

The goals of the soul open up new dimensions in a world never seen before. The goal that doesn’t bring the being closer to the Almighty is not meant for the soul. Sometimes you find yourself and befriend your soul so early so easily and sometimes it takes up your whole life and energy. Sometimes you find yourself in the world around, sometimes in someone’s prayers and sometimes this remains a never-ending journey. A journey that is unable to reach its destination. You know what the biggest blessing in life is, it is to find pieces of yourself in someone else, to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, to discover the hidden treasures of your being with someone’s help. So when you see someone, when I meet you and you find me let the souls be acquainted with each other and meet yourself through one another.

Find yourself in others and with others.

The Blessings of Ease

We, in our lives are always going through tough times, facing difficulties, dealing with heart breaks, conquering battles and trying to overcome our fears. The only thing the heart desires and the mind craves to face life is a little EASE.

A little cloud of Ease on a hot hard day of life can do wonders.

The Ease that the Almighty kindles among hearts.

The Ease which grows among two friends, souls and companions is one of the most wonderfully beautiful blessings of Almighty.

How comfortable you are in someone’s company. With how much Ease you can share anything with someone. The Ease is what makes friendships greater and relationships rewarding.

The Ease, which by Almighty’s will is shared by humans amongst themselves makes the world go.

Don’t underestimate the rewarding potential of bringing a little Ease in someone’s life.

When you help some, support someone’s decisions, share someone’s burden, avoid being judgmental, listen to other’s untold stories, do a chore for someone, offer a shoulder to cry on, lean a hand to lift someone or just share a smile… it brings a multitude of comfort and creates a mound of ease that cures a myriad of pains. This Ease will always come back to you in strange beautiful ways. The Ease you bring in someone’s life today will surely be rewarded to you one day or the other, one way or the other.

If you can bring about ease, don’t lose this opportunity.

If someone brings you ease, don’t lose them.


Beware of the red flags. For professional world has its own intricacies.

So, beware of the dips in morality, the crevices in integrity and the cracks in character. A slight discomfort felt due to a change in attitude, a shift in manner are the telltale signs of an upcoming storm.

Aggressive undue pressure, intimidation, mean demeanor, an obstruction in opportunities, exploitation of authority, discrediting achievements, personal compliments, lack of acknowledgement, isolating the wright doers, taking side of the oppressor, snatching of rights, threatening, discrimination…. are rarely identified and accepted as Harassment.

A gut feeling and a sixth sense are stronger than any observational or experimental tools. Don’t ignore when the world tries to show you the signs.

Stand up, ask around, speak up.

Don’t be on the side of the oppressor on account of the status, power, authority and position. Don’t discredit the oppressed for the lack of same traits.

Everyone who steps into the professional world observes or experiences this no matter what the position he/she holds, whether you are an intern or an executive. Be mindful of your words and actions for they must not make a simple situation an uncomfortable one for someone.

The Journey of Decisions

The path of life is all intertwined with decisions, no matter how small or how big. We are defined by the decisions we make and sometimes the decisions we refuse to make. You, Me, each one of Us are confounded by the enormity of life’s decisions day in and day out.

The decision You will take will change the course of My life forever.

The decision I might not take will open some doors for someone and close a few for someone else. We are not only responsible for our own lives but for the lives of others as well. But, we have to fight the battles of life alone and no one can exactly feel the pain and pleasure of what we go through, except us. Through our decisions we can make a heaven out of hell and a hell out of heaven for ourselves and others.

All our life we fear taking decisions, dreading what the future might hold for us.

Choosing a field, starting a new job, beginning a new phase of your life, moving to a new city or a country; all beginnings are humbly perplexing and modestly mystifying. The anonymity of the unseen future confuses us all. Similarly, leaving your hometown, quitting your job, severing ties with someone, all endings are arduously baffling too.

In the Journey of Decisions either we lose ourselves or someone we care about.

All our lives we have to take decisions for the sake of others and in this process our own happiness is lost somewhere along the way. Don’t kill your soul to keep others’ desires alive. Find a path that leads to your heart without ruining the dreams of your near and dear ones. This is not always easy. But this is not impossible too. Don’t choose a field you are not passionate about. Don’t settle for a job you are not satisfied with. Don’t commit for a lifetime with someone you are not compatible with. The burden of a bad decision is too much to handle and that too for a lifetime.

But then, how do we get the courage to choose someone and something over and above everyone and everything else.

How can we not harm ourselves and others in this profound journey? Its only through Compassion and Kindness, that we can make this process less painful and more satisfying for all of us. The honesty of the heart, the clarity of the mind and the purity of the soul must lead the way. Whenever you meet with an opportunity to make a decision for your own self, do it so with the tender loving care of a true friend. Leave the regret of the past, mistakes of the present and fear of the future behind you. Do it with all your might. Do it with all your heart with a knowing beat that you are doing the best with what is within your capacity and you are hoping for the best of Almighty’s kindest decision for you. Don’t let the fear of people stop you from choosing and deciding what is best for you. Because no one is ever going to live with the outcome of your decisions other than you. So be kind to yourself and decide whatever brings you peace of mind and contentment of the heart.

If you are blessed with the rare opportunity to make life decisions for someone else, choose compassion over indifference. Bring comfort in others’ lives.   Listen without anything being said. Make others life easier with your decisions.

The complexity and the obscurity our decisions might bring is not easy to grasp. But, through faith and perseverance we do what is within our limited capacity. So, don’t lose faith in the hope of a blessed future and put the foundation of your decisions on Almighty’s promise of ease with every hardship.

Happy Decision Making in the Journey of Life!

Little Miracles

A hope rekindled, an old friend reunited, a precious wish granted, a little help received, an unexpected compliment cherished, a kind word spoken….. We all have the good fortune of receiving these little bundles of joy once in a while, that have the amazing healing power that of a Little Miracle. These Little Miracles have the amazing ability to turn a mundane life into a little fairy tale but, one day at a time.

Often, we lose the spark of hope and get into the deep caverns of despair. Too often we are too concerned about the departed past and fear the future, that is not even promised.

But, all it takes is a little fate and a lot of faith to turn things around.

When you wish the best for others you get the best in return although not through the same person or source. Life has its own strange ways of granting you what you need but not what you might have wished for. The veil lifts and it lifts gradually and ultimately. Then you see the light illuminating your way just like you first wished and wanted.  There’s a time for everything.

Each moment that we spend is carefully orchestrated by Divine guidance.

When we least expect, life turns around for the better; foes turn into friends, acquaintances into dear ones, autumn into spring, despair into bliss.

Its only hope that keeps us alive and faith that keeps us going.

Greatest blessings in life are meant for a few but the little pleasures are destined for each one of us. It’s for us to recognize these Little Miracles happening within and all around us. No amount of money, possessions, success or fame can compete with a little touch of happiness that you get from helping someone, connecting with an old friend, sipping coffee, walking in rain, seeing flowers blossoming, listing to the chirping of birds, speaking your heart out. These Little Miracles are like a speck of cloud on a hot summer day.

There’s no deficiency of little amazing pleasures in our lives.

We need to find our passion, our people and must hold them close to the heart no matter what the world says and does.

Never let go of that zeal, that fire that pushes you to feel more and do more, to be immensely happy without the established norms this world has devised for us. This is who you are this is what you are. This is your spark and this is your stimulus. Don’t let go of those people who motivate you and encourage you and who don’t let you break and who mend you when you are broken.

These are your people. They are your tribe, your clan.

They are your reasons of living amidst all the chaos of your imperfect job, daily chores, hurting relations and a hard earned life. Let not the regret of not pursuing your passion, not getting in touch with your people haunt you.

Find your Little Miracles and share them with others so that they can have a taste of the bliss of this incredible world of hope and courage.


Since ages we are trying to decipher mortality. There’s one interesting adage defining mortality or rather immortality as ‘You only live as long as the last person who remembers you is alive.”

We are made up of memories and so when the memories vanish some part of us die with them.

In a similar way we also keep others alive in our memories. But, imagine, what if 100 years have passed of you being gone from this mortal world. If and how will you be alive even after death. We all want to be remembered and that too forever.

We all are looking for ways to live after death, to still contribute after we are gone for good.

How can we keep us alive in not only other people’s memories but in their lives as well? We can contribute to the goodness and kindness that this world needs so desperately today.

Contribute through your money, effort, ideas, . . . . .

Teach – Teaching has such a miraculous power to it. No doubt it is called the ‘Profession of the Prophets’. A teacher has the golden opportunity to build nation builders. With strong knowledge imparted, each pupil can play its role in the betterment of the world around us. The virtues of fairness and impartiality, integrity and morale if and when conveyed truly will inspire the learners to practice these virtues in their own lives as well. But on the other hand, if teaching is corrupted with partiality and prejudice then you are creating a recipe for destruction of societal norms and morality. Teaching is like a calling, calling you out of ignorance into enlightenment. So, teach a word, sentence, concept, skill no matter how little or great. The knowledge that you impart today will be a livelihood for someone tomorrow. A teacher, mentor, guide lives in the hearts of millions of his pupil.

As long as your ideas are generating result, harboring fruits and benefiting someone you will be alive.

Donate – In kind or cash

When you help someone you actually are helping yourself. As there is no greater satisfaction than seeing someone happy and comforted because of you. The delight that you feel in your heart can not be felt through anything else.

Donate – Time

Time is the best gift, biggest ally and the rarest commodity.

When you give someone your time you are actually giving them a part of your life. A heart felt part that you hold dear and that you are never going to get back. So, donate your time to people and causes and get a moment, day, year, decade of remembrance in return.

As long as the gifts of your time are alive you will be remembered in people and in places.

Plant – Plant a seed and experience the wonders of life and growth and bear the fruits of cultivating a shade in the heat of life.

Share – Share an idea worth living for. Circulate positive news, authentic and useful information. Anyone benefiting from something you shared will keep your rewards alive.

Listen – Listening with an understanding heart and a non-judgmental mind is perhaps the biggest quality any person can have. So, listen to what people are sharing even them without having the need of saying. Listen and through listening to people’s heart’s tales you will earn more friends and you will live some time more even when you have left this abode.

Support a Cause – We are all limited in our capabilities. We have our own flaws and boundaries.

But we can be so much more, and we can do so much more when we combine our strengths.

So, put your energy in use for a good cause and see the wonders of kindness enriching the life of so many around yourself.

If you have donated a wheel chair to a physically disabled, if you have provided roof over the head of a homeless, if you have dug a well for a thirsty, if you have provided food to a person in hunger; you are not going to die as long as any of these people are alive.

Build – What bigger way to be remembered than to build a hospital, a mosque, a shelter home, an orphanage. If you have the time, effort and resources, lay down the foundation of your dream charitable foundation and see hundreds and thousands of souls chanting prayers of remembrance for you.

NOW is the time to prepare for the time when you will no longer be around.

So, live wisely to die peacefully!

Time Like This!

The normal is redefined

The routine is rerouted

You now have what you were longing for, a time off, away from work and hustle of life

The unexpected privilege of ‘work from home’ is arranged

The wish is Granted!

But nothing comes without a cost

You now have all the resources in the world and nowhere to go

You now have all the time in the world and not much chores to do

When was the last time you sat in your lawn or terrace and watched the setting sun

When was the last time you listened to the chirping of the birds

When did you start to find the calm within the chaos and peace within turmoil

There’s much uncertainty, anxiety and depression around

Yet there is hope

Deep down inside we all know

This will pass with or without us

There were many reluctant inhibitions

Many dear dreams

Much prized possessions

Then all of a sudden, we realized the age-old adage ‘all that glitters is not gold’

It definitely wasn’t

We all know since time immemorial that health is wealth

But since when we started giving our own self the tender loving care that it deserved

The kindness of a mother and the protection of a father

Suddenly, junk food was abandoned, dining out was out of the question, home deliveries were reduced in number and minutes on the treadmill were increased

We genuinely realized the importance of many things in our lives and realized that some dearly held possessions were not even required

We realized where we were underplaying and where we were overdoing

The ball is in our court now

To Redefine the Circle of Life

Be it friends, family, or colleagues; work, rest or play

Whom we decide to connect with and otherwise

And what we decide to do with our time and life

We always thought there’s no pause button in life

But here we have the strange fortune to experience pause ⏸, stop ■ and restart at the same time

This is a golden opportunity to weigh your life and see what you miss and what you don’t want back from life

What parts of life you want back and what of it you are better off without

Maybe you are missing your workplace or maybe you don’t want to go back to that mundane job

Maybe you are loving this solitude or maybe you are tired of the silence around

Read, Write, Play,

Work, Rest, Slay

Look for what are you running to and running from

Find Your Purpose

Look in the eye of the storm and find the strength within

Discover an acquaintance within this time of adversity

The Recipe for Heart Break

Take an empty heart

add a bowl of expectations

and half a bowl of hopes

add a pinch of wishes

simmer it on a low flame of needs

sprinkle some eagerness

and present it  with sidelines of anticipation and excitement

and the perfect heartbreak is ready to devour.

The Curse of Comparisons

As if the weight of life was not enough that we added the burden of comparisons. The young souls who haven’t even learnt to utter a single word go through the agony of comparisons. That too based on corporal traits and personal attributes; where they cannot exercise any control. Why then we compare! To satisfy our inner unfulfilled desires. To quench our thirst for unkind condemnation. To relieve ourselves of the responsibility of following through in our own lives. Or just to relinquish to our utmost evil intentions.

Kind or harsh, innocent or cruel whatever the intention may be, the curse of comparisons once befalls on someone has long lasting repercussions.

Still we compare and get compared. So, the agony is bifold. Can the right hand be like the left? Can the left profile be a copy of the right profile? We compare our journey to the destination of others. We compare our first step with the last of others.

Amateurs are compared to professionals. A fish to a bird. An artist to a scientist.

Whereas, qualities and skills are unique to everyone. Why then let them go through the misery of comparisons.

Acknowledge, accept and appreciate whatever one has and whoever one is.

For life’s beauty lies in the contrasting colors of our auras. No one is perfect as a whole. But we are all perfectly beautiful one way or the other. So, don’t steal others happiness by merely comparing them with others.

Be independent in your own right without the shackles and limiting beliefs of comparisons.

Never underestimate your potential of being humane based on the outrageous comparisons of color and creed.

Live with the belief that you are unique in your own beautiful way and the depths of the soul cannot be compared with anything and anyone.