The Fitted Misfits!

Some people are a perfect misfit for their workplace, environment and surroundings; yet they all have to survive one way or the other. We all have to live under the burden of expectations of our family, superiors, mentors and above all the society. The day a new-born opens his eyes in this world, he is labelled with tags of expectations ranging from ways of living his personal life to adopting a particular line of work in his professional life. Too bad that we are living in a world where we want to shape our own life freely but can’t, due to the pressure the society puts on us. Too bad that we are part of that world where we want to follow our heart which others take pride in breaking.

The only way to live in such a world is to find your calling.

Someday you are going to find it. No matter how long it takes. Just take your time to make it happen.

The world is full of stories of dejected relationships with self and work. No one can live with peace of mind and serenity of the heart being a Fitted Misfit. Just as her, who was born in a family of doctors, so the natural expectation from her was to join this clan of medical professionals. Despite of her own desire of becoming an artist, she was made to fit in the medicine world that was a perfect misfit for her. Similarly, he was brought up in a family of educators where it was all but natural to become something else. Under this undue pressure, he joined the teaching profession in a hope to someday find a way to make it fit with his personality. But maybe he was asking too much. May be we as human beings are not made and tuned in this way by the Creator.

So, never take the risk of being in that all perky relationship, joining that auspicious job, moving to that buzzing city, against your own desire, just because you think that you will make your heart adjust one day.

Too unfortunate, that our heart does not go by rules of the world and doesn’t believe the logics of the mind. It goes by instinct, the contentment of choice and the longing of connection to the soul. It can’t be restrained, tamed or disciplined.

But still, all lifelong we try to fit in a world that is perfectly a misfit place for us. There’s no pain like being a misfit in a world where you can be anything.

We are not bound to live by the definitions of nature and character that are imposed on us right from the very beginning till the end. We all have the right to meet the people we want to, to opt for the profession we want to with all the right reasons to live the way our heart desires. But we are too burdened by the expectations of the world and people around us.

I am not what you thought of me.  I am what I have made of me.

I am not here to live by the rules that you have decided for me for your own benefit. I am here to live my life the way I deem fit for myself. I am not going to act to be sculpted as per your heart’s desire. I have a mould of my own choices.

None of us is created similar, so why be judged on similar grounds. 

Too often in our lives we find ourselves on the cross-roads of morality and character. Where, although being on the right path we find ourselves stranded. 

In a world filled with blunt and outspoken people, a shy soul is a fitted misfit.

In a world which relies on lies, souls resorting to truth are perfect misfits.

In a social economy that benefits from fraudulent practices, souls standing up to deceit are fitted misfits.

In a corporate world revolving around flattery, someone not exercising adulation is a fitted misfit.

In a world of hypocrites, honest people are fitted misfits.  

In a world of Fitted Misfits; upheld morals, ethics, honesty and authenticity are not desirable traits.

This world is not a pleasant place for the breed of the fitted misfits. These are the people questioning the status quo. They are the ones who stand against moral and societal injustice. It’s not easy for fitted misfits to survive in a world which demerits everyone and anyone who questions its malpractices.

But; what makes them stand tall and go places is the delight of the heart and tranquility of the soul that comes only from the feeling of not bowing down to injustice and prejudice.

If you are one of them, take pride in yourself and know that satisfaction is the biggest treasure of the heart. Take pride in your forte and strength and use it as a gift to make this world a little bit more livable and loveable for Fitted Misfits like you.