Declutter! The Human Form of it.

Once in a while we all clean our closets, empty the drawers, straighten out our wardrobes to get rid of the redundant items. We go through this activity to bring the chaos in order. We aim to get rid of the stuff that isn’t adding value to our life. We try to clear the mess that we have been hoarding.

Do these activities sound somewhat familiar to you? Aren’t we all surrounded by the human forms of this clutter. Someone who isn’t going to be happy for us ever. Someone who always takes us for granted. Someone who always takes advantage of us. Someone who is no more than a fair-weather friend.

Still we cling to such people with all our goodness.

What decluttering does for us is it frees up space for something novel, something better. It refreshes our surroundings. Doesn’t we all need this in our lives and need it badly. The human form of decluttering does the same for us.

Decluttering is as necessary for our emotional well-being as it is for our materialistic lives.

With the evolving world, our objectives for living have also evolved. Now we all want satisfaction and peace of mind before anything else; which can’t be achieved unless we declutter once in a while. It promises that we don’t have to deal with unnecessary negativity in its human shape. It saves our energy to be expended on positive and productive errands. It is to keep ourselves away from people who drain our energy and whose energy doesn’t match with our aura.

Decluttering is about keeping our circle short and sweet.

Those who don’t add value to our life are to be kept out of the drawers of our mind. With this, all those useless conversations, postponed plans, hopeless expectations, disheartened rejections and temporary affiliations will also leave and we all know that we are better off without them.

Whether it is a mean co-worker, a fake friend or an unkind relative…DECLUTTER!

Don’t let them occupy a place in your heart and mind; although they would be there in the same space that you share. Declutter for the mere sake and necessity of it. As it is your basic human right to choose what is best for you.

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