The Poor, Dark, Fat and Ugly Gems of the World!

Life is not always fair. Not to everyone at least. Impartiality of life is depicted in different forms and so does partiality.

In recent times, partiality started coming in the form of currency, color, physique and appearances.

Those on one side of this chess board of life keep on enjoying the privileges that life offered them free of cost and without effort. While others, not so fortunate like the blessed creed of the world struggle all through life to prove their mettle. It is such a tiring journey when all through your life you have to convince others that…

You are much more than a color of skin, a number on the weighing scale, a mere physique or a favored appearance.

There’s more to your personality, above and beyond the comparison scales this world has devised. It is so unjust that the fair faces and fit figures, wealthy beings and attractive appearances get more attention from the world. In our personal and professional lives, we resort to these fake idols of self-worth. And in doing so, more often than ever, we deprive others of their due right of attention. Giving more time and care to those whom we perceive better based on their corporal traits only. Not everyone is created equally in terms of these materialistic idols that we have started adoring today. But, everyone is equal in their own personal worth.

While we laugh at character, morals, values, integrity and virtues, they mourn our ignorance.

We judge others more based on these worldly means and less on spiritual yardsticks. Everyone here likes and is attracted more towards a pretty smile, a rich aura, a smart personality or a fair face. But these traits should not be considered a means to weigh a person’s worth. Everyone has a personality of his own. Everyone has a heart that feels this discrimination and aches for the same kindness and care. But unfortunately, not everyone gets it. As we are so indulged in revering our own idols of beauty and riches we forget that somewhere sometimes we also get to be the victim of this discrimination.

May we learn soon, sooner enough before much hearts are broken.

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