I am Proud of You

Each Day
You wake up and you are prepared
To take up life’s challenges head on
Each Day

You work hard to create a balance between work and life

Each Day
You put so much effort to bring a change in your day
In your work
In your life
Each Day you juggle between work and prayers
Each Day when you manage to take out some time for yourself
A little walk
A gym session
A cup of steaming coffee
A motivational talk you listen to
An article you read
Some smiles you add in someone’s day
You are doing so much without realizing its impact, strength and influence

I am proud of You
You should be proud of Yourself too

A Missed Chance

A missed opportunity of talking to Almighty Allah

You know

When you see your bus moving right past you

When a train is missed

When you lose your ticket and the flight takes off

That ache of longing That pain of yearning That comes from missing a chance of talking to your Best Friend

For a while you lose everything

The peace that holds you together

The strength that binds your being

Then you find another chance

That comes like an old friend

Like the cool breeze before the rain

Like a soothing reassurance

Then comes down the rain

That embraces you with open arms and a kind heart

It listens patiently Without judging And then everything morphs into ONE

From falling rain to dropping tears


Tranquility befalls

In the lap of the aching heart

In that moment

The bond is mended


The Oath is renewed    


The Friendship gets stronger than ever


I still cry over this missed chance to pour my heart to you

A missed opportunity of talking to You about me and everything I had, I have and I will ever have

From everything that You love to the ones I do.


The hope remains Till we meet again In another realm.

Super Powers

Aiming for perfection is the most imperfect concept there could ever be. Perfection is an illusion, an unattainable dream, a mirage. Nothing is perfect in this imperfect world and no one is without their inherent flaws.

You, Me, each of us is however perfectly crafted with the thread of our flaws, intricately woven into the fabric of imperfection, etched with the seal of uniqueness, painted with the distinct colors of individuality. Why then we want to be perfect.

Perfection is boring. It’s not playful. It has no room for improvement. Your perfection will have no room for my imperfect presence. My perfection will not be willing to accommodate your deficiencies. So, why then we aim for such a heartless trait in a world which is itself imperfect in it’s  being; to the core.

Perfection is more relative than absolute. You are already enough for your own self and for the world and for those who know your value. You are perfect for me and I am imperfect for the world. Just like everyone else is imperfect for me and I am perfect for you.

Given the right circumstances people have this super power to turn their imperfections into beautiful amalgamations of strength and courage like abstract art, so random yet so deep in detail.

Let’s own our imperfections as lessons learnt over the journey of life. Let’s embrace our scars like medals of our honor won while fighting for life. Let’s love our shortcomings as stepping stones to becoming a better person not a perfect one; every second of our mortal lives.

We all have been hurt and broken. Let the care and love shine through the cracks of our souls. Let us mend ourselves not through our struggle for perfection but through our effort for empathy.

Our fears are our strength.

Our flaws are our super powers.

My super power is that I am emotional and sentimental. I think and care and I care too much about little things. I care about You, Me and Us. I care about the pains of the past, worries of the present and joys of the future. Do they sound like flaws. They surely are. But when we acknowledge our flaws they no longer remain our shortcomings, they become our super powers. We have the authority and free will of kindness and love.

And who else is more deserving of our kindness and love than our own selves.

So, embrace your imperfect being with kindness, love and empathy. Don’t strive for something that is unachievable and unworthy.

So, here to our imperfections, may we keep embracing them today, tomorrow and always and may we keep loving Us despite of our imperfections.


Human Mirrors!


Image by Alex Baker

You, Me and all of Us, whether good or bad, are reflections of each other. We find parts of ourselves in others. We are all connected in the greater scheme of this universe.

We attract what we are.

What we are hiding in the deep crevices of our heart and soul will be evident through the people we connect with. That is how, it happens so often, that we connect instantly with some  people and get offended promptly by some. No matter how much we try, we will never find peace around those who are not a reflection of our own self. Similarly, no matter how harsh the circumstances are, we will find solace in our reflection in someone like us.

We, at some point of time in our lives, find ourselves walking in the wasteland of seclusion. Some of us couldn’t even succeed in getting out of this wilderness. The walls that we have built around us and the boundaries that we have demarcated for us don’t allow us to see others as a reflection of our own self. Somehow, somewhere we are all alike in perspectives of our dispositions.

You, me and each one of us will find fragments of our personalities in others.

The one trait that you admire the most in someone, might be the same that you were aiming to develop in your own personality. The one thing that you despise the most about someone might be the same that you want to change in yourself.

Wherever we go and wherever we are, we can find souls with the same emotional frequency as us. That one best friend, that one compatible cousin, that one understanding colleague… how we have managed to keep them in our circle of life. Because these are the people who are just like us. Who retain the same philosophy of life as us. Who share the same feelings on the journey of life as us. Who have trodden the similar path of life as us, if not the same.

We connect instantly with those with whom our personalities resonate in perfect harmony.

Somehow, through the process of evolution we have learnt the art of grasping the aura of others and recognizing our own reflection in others, who are not like us in flesh and blood. Those soulful conversations, those deep thoughts, those inspiring ideas and those joyous plans are meant to be shared with only a few around us.

We find ourselves in the mist of this crowded world in people who reflect our spirit and ambitions. 

Sometimes we find ourselves in the joy of a kind heart and sometimes in the malice of a wary soul. What you are going through might be the same that I went through once. Your joy was my happiness once. Your sorrow could be my suffering someday. So, we are, in reality, mere reflections of each other.

We all are weaved in the fabric of connection. That connection can take many forms…happiness, sorrow, joy, grief.

Through the course of life, we have learnt that we are not the only ones with that emotional trauma and with that heartache. In the face of calamity of life, we all have similar experiences. I find fragments of my life in you. You might find parts of your journey in me. It is a blessing to find your reflection in others, otherwise we would be yearning and longing for pouring our heart out. It’s just essential that we untangle each other’s stories knot by knot, thread by thread.

Like-minded friends, supportive family members, colleagues sharing similar passions…if you find any of these in your life then you are truly blessed. These are the people who are ‘You in the silhouette of another soul’. These are the people who are like us in a world which is so dauntingly diverse.

The purpose is to find these Human Mirrors to share your joys & unburden your sorrows and above all to unwind yourself.