I am Proud of You

Each DayYou wake up and you are preparedTo take up life’s challenges head onEach Day You work hard to create a balance between work and life Each DayYou put so much effort to bring a change in your dayIn your workIn your lifeEach Day you juggle between work and prayersEach Day when you manage to…

A Missed Chance

A missed opportunity of talking to Almighty Allah You know When you see your bus moving right past you When a train is missed When you lose your ticket and the flight takes off That ache of longing That pain of yearning That comes from missing a chance of talking to your Best Friend For…

Super Powers

Let’s own our imperfections as lessons learnt over the journey of life. Let’s embrace our scars like medals of our honor won while fighting for life. Let’s love our shortcomings as stepping stones to becoming a better person not a perfect one; every second of our mortal lives.

Human Mirrors!

You, me and each one of us will find fragments of our personalities in others. Wherever we go and wherever we are, we can find souls with the same level of emotional frequency as us.