YOU would never truly know

You would never truly
know ease
Someone brings it in
your life

You would never truly
feel care
Until someone does it for

You would never truly
know blessing
Someone be that for you

You would never truly
believe in miracles
Someone do wonders in
your day

You would never truly
know concern
Someone is worried for

You would never truly
know happiness
Someone is happy for you and because of you

You would never truly
know anticipation
You look forward to
hearing from someone

You would never truly
know simplicity
Someone simplifies life’s
complexity for you

And sometimes
someone is truly
To find their ease,
blessing and miracle
All bundled beautifully
together in someone
And that is who the very
first word I wrote

A Thousand Languages

Love speaks a thousand languages and so does care, respect and support. It speaks as loudly as those three words we have been associating with it since ages and it is as subtle as a simple ‘Take Care’ gesture.

Love lacking care is a mere hoax. Care without respect is a false hope. Respect without support is worthless.

‘Take Care’, ‘Have a break’, ‘Have lunch on time’, ‘Drive safe’, are the languages of love shrouded in care.

‘I have got your back’, ‘I am with you’, ‘I support you’, are the languages of care cloaked as support.

‘I understand you’, ‘I am listening’, ‘I am here for you’, are the forms of respect disguised as love.

Love is perhaps the most misinterpreted feeling on the face of this earth.

It is boundless and yet confined in color, race, creed and gender.

It is liberating yet it is curbed with the norms of the society and limits of perception. Limiting it is like trying to tame the storm and confine the oceans. It encompasses everyone; from man to Almighty and connects them both.  Love takes many forms, shapes and hues. It starts with a simple, innocent, oblivious infatuation for someone and concludes with a lifetime contract of care, respect and support. It begins with a simple urge of understanding and reaches the ultimate devoted submission to Almighty.

So, let love be a verb and practice it with care, showing respect to support your near and dear ones; and let it not just be a noun to keep it as a souvenir on the mantelpiece of your heart.