The Dilemma of Distractions

Focus! Concentration! Attention! Awareness!

That’s all we need in life to function effectively and efficiently. But here we have created a world full of distractions for us. Eating while watching t.v. Driving while listening to music. Studying while socially interacting. We want peace of mind and yet we have devised clever methods to lose peace.

We are busy beings, while doing one chore we are thinking of the next. In the process we lose grip on both. We keep on thinking of the next moment to come, next task to perform, next work to attend to, the future to come, that future which we aren’t sure is promised or not.

We are wrapped up in distractions. A cell phone in hand, a watch on the wrist, a note pad in the bag. A reminder here, an alarm there.

We try so hard to control the life. Yet, what part of it is that we can actually control.

You take out time from your busy schedule, put in all your energy and persuade yourself to hit the gym or to go for a walk in a park. Although you are supposed to be having a leisure time all by yourself, yet you are still connected to the world through the shackles of emails, messages, notifications and much more. How often you read your environment. How often you immerse yourself in the gifts of nature…that tall tree at the corner of the park, those chirping birds making their nest high on the branches of the tree… all those shades of green, the blooming flowers and much more. Or how often you have read the faces going in different directions around you. So similar yet so different. Or how often you give yourself your undivided attention.

Distractions are the essence of dissatisfaction.

You can never satisfy yourself when you are working with your heart at one place and your mind at another. Take your time and give yourself time. Live in the present and while living in the present neither fear the future nor cling to the past. Get away from anything and everything that is letting you slip away from this moment of the present.

Lose your distractions and gain yourself.

Have a happy living in the moment with least distractions.

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