I am Proud of You

Each Day
You wake up and you are prepared
To take up life’s challenges head on
Each Day

You work hard to create a balance between work and life

Each Day
You put so much effort to bring a change in your day
In your work
In your life
Each Day you juggle between work and prayers
Each Day when you manage to take out some time for yourself
A little walk
A gym session
A cup of steaming coffee
A motivational talk you listen to
An article you read
Some smiles you add in someone’s day
You are doing so much without realizing its impact, strength and influence

I am proud of You
You should be proud of Yourself too

YOU would never truly know

You would never truly
know ease
Someone brings it in
your life

You would never truly
feel care
Until someone does it for

You would never truly
know blessing
Someone be that for you

You would never truly
believe in miracles
Someone do wonders in
your day

You would never truly
know concern
Someone is worried for

You would never truly
know happiness
Someone is happy for you and because of you

You would never truly
know anticipation
You look forward to
hearing from someone

You would never truly
know simplicity
Someone simplifies life’s
complexity for you

And sometimes
someone is truly
To find their ease,
blessing and miracle
All bundled beautifully
together in someone
And that is who the very
first word I wrote

Real Imaginations

Some scars are deep seated in your heart and deep rooted in your soul
They dim the light of the bliss and blessings you receive
The heart doesn’t know how to numb the pain
The mind hasn’t the clue how to escape this ache

Time doesn’t heal always and every scar

But does love, care and support do?
May be when they overweigh the plight of agony
You just want to escape
Ignore the world around you

Hoping what really is, doesn’t exist, hasn’t happened, isn’t experienced

You want to step into a world of possibilities
Which isn’t real but is dear
But life switches between reality and imagination

Hoping one day the reality will be as beautiful as the imagination held dear to the heart.


Beware of the red flags. For professional world has its own intricacies.

So, beware of the dips in morality, the crevices in integrity and the cracks in character. A slight discomfort felt due to a change in attitude, a shift in manner are the telltale signs of an upcoming storm.

Aggressive undue pressure, intimidation, mean demeanor, an obstruction in opportunities, exploitation of authority, discrediting achievements, personal compliments, lack of acknowledgement, isolating the wright doers, taking side of the oppressor, snatching of rights, threatening, discrimination…. are rarely identified and accepted as Harassment.

A gut feeling and a sixth sense are stronger than any observational or experimental tools. Don’t ignore when the world tries to show you the signs.

Stand up, ask around, speak up.

Don’t be on the side of the oppressor on account of the status, power, authority and position. Don’t discredit the oppressed for the lack of same traits.

Everyone who steps into the professional world observes or experiences this no matter what the position he/she holds, whether you are an intern or an executive. Be mindful of your words and actions for they must not make a simple situation an uncomfortable one for someone.

The Journey of Decisions

The path of life is all intertwined with decisions, no matter how small or how big. We are defined by the decisions we make and sometimes the decisions we refuse to make. You, Me, each one of Us are confounded by the enormity of life’s decisions day in and day out.

The decision You will take today will change the course of My life forever.

The decision I might not take will open some doors for someone and close a few for someone else. We are not only responsible for our own lives but for the lives of others as well. But, we have to fight the battles of life alone and no one can exactly feel the pain and pleasure of what we go through, except us. Through our decisions we can make a heaven out of hell and a hell out of heaven for ourselves and others.

All our life we fear taking decisions, dreading what the future might hold for us.

Choosing a field, starting a new job, beginning a new phase of your life, moving to a new city or a country; all beginnings are humbly perplexing and modestly mystifying. The anonymity of the unseen future confuses us all. Similarly, leaving your hometown, quitting your job, severing ties with someone, all endings are arduously baffling too.

In the Journey of Decisions either we lose ourselves or someone we care about.

All our lives we have to take decisions for the sake of others and in this process our own happiness is lost somewhere along the way. Don’t kill your soul to keep others’ desires alive. Find a path that leads to your heart without ruining the dreams of your near and dear ones. This is not always easy. But this is not impossible too. Don’t choose a field you are not passionate about. Don’t settle for a job you are not satisfied with. Don’t commit for a lifetime with someone you are not compatible with. The burden of a bad decision is too much to handle and that too for a lifetime.

But then, how do we get the courage to choose someone and something over and above everyone and everything else.

How can we not harm ourselves and others in this profound journey? Its only through Compassion and Kindness, that we can make this process less painful and more satisfying for all of us. The honesty of the heart, the clarity of the mind and the purity of the soul must lead the way. Whenever you meet with an opportunity to make a decision for your own self, do it so with the tender loving care of a true friend. Leave the regret of the past, mistakes of the present and fear of the future behind you. Do it with all your might. Do it with all your heart with a knowing beat that you are doing the best with what is within your capacity and you are hoping for the best of Almighty’s kindest decision for you. Don’t let the fear of people stop you from choosing and deciding what is best for you. Because no one is ever going to live with the outcome of your decisions other than you. So be kind to yourself and decide whatever brings you peace of mind and contentment of the heart.

If you are blessed with the rare opportunity to make life decisions for someone else, choose compassion over indifference. Bring comfort in others’ lives.   Listen without anything being said. Make others life easier with your decisions.

The complexity and the obscurity our decisions might bring is not easy to grasp. But, through faith and perseverance we do what is within our limited capacity. So, don’t lose faith in the hope of a blessed future and put the foundation of your decisions on Almighty’s promise of ease with every hardship.

Happy Decision Making in the Journey of Life!

Little Miracles

A hope rekindled, an old friend reunited, a precious wish granted, a little help received, an unexpected compliment cherished, a kind word spoken….. We all have the good fortune of receiving these little bundles of joy once in a while, that have the amazing healing power that of a Little Miracle. These Little Miracles have the amazing ability to turn a mundane life into a little fairy tale but, one day at a time.

Often, we lose the spark of hope and get into the deep caverns of despair. Too often we are too concerned about the departed past and fear the future, that is not even promised.

But, all it takes is a little fate and a lot of faith to turn things around.

When you wish the best for others you get the best in return although not through the same person or source. Life has its own strange ways of granting you what you need but not what you might have wished for. The veil lifts and it lifts gradually and ultimately. Then you see the light illuminating your way just like you first wished and wanted.  There’s a time for everything.

Each moment that we spend is carefully orchestrated by Divine guidance.

When we least expect, life turns around for the better; foes turn into friends, acquaintances into dear ones, autumn into spring, despair into bliss.

Its only hope that keeps us alive and faith that keeps us going.

Greatest blessings in life are meant for a few but the little pleasures are destined for each one of us. It’s for us to recognize these Little Miracles happening within and all around us. No amount of money, possessions, success or fame can compete with a little touch of happiness that you get from helping someone, connecting with an old friend, sipping coffee, walking in rain, seeing flowers blossoming, listing to the chirping of birds, speaking your heart out. These Little Miracles are like a speck of cloud on a hot summer day.

There’s no deficiency of little amazing pleasures in our lives.

We need to find our passion and our people and must hold them close to the heart no matter what the world says and does.

Never let go of that zeal, that fire that pushes you to feel more and do more, to be immensely happy without the established norms this world has devised for us. This is who you are this is what you are. This is your spark and this is your stimulus. Don’t let go of those people who motivate you and encourage you and who don’t let you break and who mend you when you are broken.

These are your people. They are your tribe, your clan.

They are your reasons of living amidst all the chaos of your imperfect job, daily chores, hurting relations and a hard earned life. Let not the regret of not pursuing your passion, not getting in touch with your people haunt you.

Find your Little Miracles and share them with others so that they can have a taste of the bliss of this incredible world of hope and courage.


Since ages we are trying to decipher mortality. There’s one interesting adage defining mortality or rather immortality as ‘You only live as long as the last person who remembers you is alive.”

We are made up of memories and so when the memories vanish some part of us die with them.

In a similar way we also keep others alive in our memories. But, imagine, what if 100 years have passed of you being gone from this mortal world. If and how will you be alive even after death. We all want to be remembered and that too forever.

We all are looking for ways to live after death, to still contribute after we are gone for good.

How can we keep us alive in not only other people’s memories but in their lives as well? We can contribute to the goodness and kindness that this world needs so desperately today.

Contribute through your money, effort, ideas, . . . . .

Teach – Teaching has such a miraculous power to it. No doubt it is called the ‘Profession of the Prophets’. A teacher has the golden opportunity to build nation builders. With strong knowledge imparted, each pupil can play its role in the betterment of the world around us. The virtues of fairness and impartiality, integrity and morale if and when conveyed truly will inspire the learners to practice these virtues in their own lives as well. But on the other hand, if teaching is corrupted with partiality and prejudice then you are creating a recipe for destruction of societal norms and morality. Teaching is like a calling, calling you out of ignorance into enlightenment. So, teach a word, sentence, concept, skill no matter how little or great. The knowledge that you impart today will be a livelihood for someone tomorrow. A teacher, mentor, guide lives in the hearts of millions of his pupil.

As long as your ideas are generating result, harboring fruits and benefiting someone you will be alive.

Donate – In kind or cash

When you help someone you actually are helping yourself. As there is no greater satisfaction than seeing someone happy and comforted because of you. The delight that you feel in your heart can not be felt through anything else.

Give – Time

Time is the best gift, biggest ally and the rarest commodity.

When you give someone your time you are actually giving them a part of your life. A heart felt part that you hold dear and that you are never going to get back. So, donate your time to people and causes and get a moment, day, year, decade of remembrance in return.

As long as the gifts of your time are alive you will be remembered in people and in places.

Plant – Plant a seed and experience the wonders of life and growth and bear the fruits of cultivating a shade in the heat of life.

Share – Share an idea worth living for. Circulate positive news, authentic and useful information. Anyone benefiting from something you shared will keep your rewards alive.

Listen – Listening with an understanding heart and a non-judgmental mind is perhaps the biggest quality any person can have. So, listen to what people are sharing even them without having the need of saying. Listen and through listening to people’s heart’s tales you will earn more friends and you will live some time more even when you have left this abode.

Support a Cause – We are all limited in our capabilities. We have our own flaws and boundaries.

But we can be so much more, and we can do so much more when we combine our strengths.

So, put your energy in use for a good cause and see the wonders of kindness enriching the life of so many around yourself.

If you have donated a wheel chair to a physically disabled, if you have provided roof over the head of a homeless, if you have dug a well for a thirsty, if you have provided food to a person in hunger; you are not going to die as long as any of these people are alive.

Build – What bigger way to be remembered than to build a hospital, a mosque, a shelter home, an orphanage. If you have the time, effort and resources, lay down the foundation of your dream charitable foundation and see hundreds and thousands of souls chanting prayers of remembrance for you.

NOW is the time to prepare for the time when you will no longer be around.

So, live wisely to die peacefully!

Time Like This!

The normal is redefined

The routine is rerouted

You now have what you were longing for, a time off, away from work and hustle of life

The unexpected privilege of ‘work from home’ is arranged

The wish is Granted!

But nothing comes without a cost

You now have all the resources in the world and nowhere to go

You now have all the time in the world and not much chores to do

When was the last time you sat in your lawn or terrace and watched the setting sun

When was the last time you listened to the chirping of the birds

When did you start to find the calm within the chaos and peace within turmoil

There’s much uncertainty, anxiety and depression around

Yet there is hope

Deep down inside we all know

This will pass with or without us

There were many reluctant inhibitions

Many dear dreams

Much prized possessions

Then all of a sudden, we realized the age-old adage ‘all that glitters is not gold’

It definitely wasn’t

We all know since time immemorial that health is wealth

But since when we started giving our own self the tender loving care that it deserved

The kindness of a mother and the protection of a father

Suddenly, junk food was abandoned, dining out was out of the question, home deliveries were reduced in number and minutes on the treadmill were increased

We genuinely realized the importance of many things in our lives and realized that some dearly held possessions were not even required

We realized where we were underplaying and where we were overdoing

The ball is in our court now

To Redefine the Circle of Life

Be it friends, family, or colleagues; work, rest or play

Whom we decide to connect with and otherwise

And what we decide to do with our time and life

We always thought there’s no pause button in life

But here we have the strange fortune to experience pause ⏸, stop ■ and restart at the same time

This is a golden opportunity to weigh your life and see what you miss and what you don’t want back from life

What parts of life you want back and what of it you are better off without

Maybe you are missing your workplace or maybe you don’t want to go back to that mundane job

Maybe you are loving this solitude or maybe you are tired of the silence around

Read, Write, Play,

Work, Rest, Slay

Look for what you are running to and running from

Find Your Purpose

Look in the eye of the storm and find the strength within

Discover an acquaintance within this time of adversity

The Recipe for Heart Break

Take an empty heart

add a bowl of expectations

and half a bowl of hopes

add a pinch of wishes

simmer it on a low flame of needs

sprinkle some eagerness

and present it  with sidelines of anticipation and excitement

and the perfect heartbreak is ready to devour.