Be your Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Image by: Ercken

Yes, WE are our only best friend and worst enemy!

It all comes down to what we choose to do with our lives.

Our hostility, antagonism, procrastination and self-pity are our worst enemies.

Similarly, self-love, self-assurance, and self-esteem are our best friends.

List of our enemies and friends is long. More often we take our enemies as our friends or rely more on these enemies than the friends. The result is also what is always expected out of such wrongdoings. We welcome self-destruction in our lives. We are surrounded by the haze of haste in our personal and professional lives. This makes differentiating among friends and enemies a difficult task.

Unless and until you know your self-worth, you will be a victim of the pressures of an opinionated world.

No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent. Also, if you don’t respect yourself no amount of appreciation from others will be enough for you.

Nothing enriches a life more than knowledge of one’s self.

Nothing destroys a life more than self-doubt.  

No matter what the world says, no matter what the people ask you to do, you are responsible for your own actions. Come what may, don’t fall a prey to anyone’s agendas. It’s your life, steer it the way you like. If you will not acknowledge the world around you, sooner or later you will lose the control. Work it wisely. Because no one and I repeat no one can take the decisions in your place because no one is going to bear the consequences of these decisions. So, take up only that, which you can live with at the end of the day.

Make decisions such that when you look back at your life you don’t feel that you have dealt yourself with the ruthlessness of an enemy but with the tender loving care of a friend.

The only relationship that is permanent in this world is the one that you have with your own self. Anyone and everyone is bound to leave us one day. At the end of the day we are left with our own self. So, we must learn to forgive, love and respect our self.

So, It’s high time that we become our own best friend otherwise we will eventually become our own worst enemy. 

Sit with yourself.

Listen to your heart.

Enjoy your own company.

Be content with yourself.

Befriend yourself.

Make a friend out of this enemy.