Organic People

Source: Shutterstock

Organic. Free-range. Un-adulterated. Natural. Additive-free.

With the growing awareness and looming health concerns, we all are running after food which is labelled with this kind of synonyms. Because we all want to reach our old age without any ignored health adage.  Those who care for their health and well-being, care for what they are having as food for their body.

The time is near when we will be looking out for people with the same qualities.  

Raw. Unequivocal. Forthright. Genuine. Authentic.

With the passage of time, it is becoming more and more difficult to find real products. There are more copies than originals. Similarly, there are more hypocrites than uprights around us.

The soul craves for unambiguous honesty, the same way as the body craves for raw freshness.

We all want to eat what is not going to affect our physical health. Our heart wants to hear what is not going to devastate our mental health.

The body needs the nutrition which it doesn’t need to regret having later. The heart wants the amity where the mind doesn’t have to regret its decision later.

The body wants the food which replenishes its energy needs. The heart wants the company which fulfills the needs of the soul.

Too unfortunate that replicas are more and genuine people are less.

Too heart wrenching that hypocrisy is more appreciated and truthfulness is less admired.

Too demotivating that diplomacy is more in demand and rightfulness is less.

Organic People are becoming rare and endangered species.

The need of the hour is to preserve the purity of such souls. Lend them an ear to hear, bring forward a hand to support and pat them on the back for maintaining their originality in times of extreme fabrication.