Since ages we are trying to decipher mortality. There’s one interesting adage defining mortality or rather immortality as ‘You only live as long as the last person who remembers you is alive.”

We are made up of memories and so when the memories vanish some part of us die with them.

In a similar way we also keep others alive in our memories. But, imagine, what if 100 years have passed of you being gone from this mortal world. If and how will you be alive even after death. We all want to be remembered and that too forever.

We all are looking for ways to live after death, to still contribute after we are gone for good.

How can we keep us alive in not only other people’s memories but in their lives as well? We can contribute to the goodness and kindness that this world needs so desperately today.

Contribute through your money, effort, ideas, . . . . .

Teach – Teaching has such a miraculous power to it. No doubt it is called the ‘Profession of the Prophets’. A teacher has the golden opportunity to build nation builders. With strong knowledge imparted, each pupil can play its role in the betterment of the world around us. The virtues of fairness and impartiality, integrity and morale if and when conveyed truly will inspire the learners to practice these virtues in their own lives as well. But on the other hand, if teaching is corrupted with partiality and prejudice then you are creating a recipe for destruction of societal norms and morality. Teaching is like a calling, calling you out of ignorance into enlightenment. So, teach a word, sentence, concept, skill no matter how little or great. The knowledge that you impart today will be a livelihood for someone tomorrow. A teacher, mentor, guide lives in the hearts of millions of his pupil.

As long as your ideas are generating result, harboring fruits and benefiting someone you will be alive.

Donate – In kind or cash

When you help someone you actually are helping yourself. As there is no greater satisfaction than seeing someone happy and comforted because of you. The delight that you feel in your heart can not be felt through anything else.

Give – Time

Time is the best gift, biggest ally and the rarest commodity.

When you give someone your time you are actually giving them a part of your life. A heart felt part that you hold dear and that you are never going to get back. So, donate your time to people and causes and get a moment, day, year, decade of remembrance in return.

As long as the gifts of your time are alive you will be remembered in people and in places.

Plant – Plant a seed and experience the wonders of life and growth and bear the fruits of cultivating a shade in the heat of life.

Share – Share an idea worth living for. Circulate positive news, authentic and useful information. Anyone benefiting from something you shared will keep your rewards alive.

Listen – Listening with an understanding heart and a non-judgmental mind is perhaps the biggest quality any person can have. So, listen to what people are sharing even them without having the need of saying. Listen and through listening to people’s heart’s tales you will earn more friends and you will live some time more even when you have left this abode.

Support a Cause – We are all limited in our capabilities. We have our own flaws and boundaries.

But we can be so much more, and we can do so much more when we combine our strengths.

So, put your energy in use for a good cause and see the wonders of kindness enriching the life of so many around yourself.

If you have donated a wheel chair to a physically disabled, if you have provided roof over the head of a homeless, if you have dug a well for a thirsty, if you have provided food to a person in hunger; you are not going to die as long as any of these people are alive.

Build – What bigger way to be remembered than to build a hospital, a mosque, a shelter home, an orphanage. If you have the time, effort and resources, lay down the foundation of your dream charitable foundation and see hundreds and thousands of souls chanting prayers of remembrance for you.

NOW is the time to prepare for the time when you will no longer be around.

So, live wisely to die peacefully!