I am Proud of You

Each Day
You wake up and you are prepared
To take up life’s challenges head on
Each Day

You work hard to create a balance between work and life

Each Day
You put so much effort to bring a change in your day
In your work
In your life
Each Day you juggle between work and prayers
Each Day when you manage to take out some time for yourself
A little walk
A gym session
A cup of steaming coffee
A motivational talk you listen to
An article you read
Some smiles you add in someone’s day
You are doing so much without realizing its impact, strength and influence

I am proud of You
You should be proud of Yourself too

Super Powers

Aiming for perfection is the most imperfect concept there could ever be. Perfection is an illusion, an unattainable dream, a mirage. Nothing is perfect in this imperfect world and no one is without their inherent flaws.

You, Me, each of us is however perfectly crafted with the thread of our flaws, intricately woven into the fabric of imperfection, etched with the seal of uniqueness, painted with the distinct colors of individuality. Why then we want to be perfect.

Perfection is boring. It’s not playful. It has no room for improvement. Your perfection will have no room for my imperfect presence. My perfection will not be willing to accommodate your deficiencies. So, why then we aim for such a heartless trait in a world which is itself imperfect in it’s  being; to the core.

Perfection is more relative than absolute. You are already enough for your own self and for the world and for those who know your value. You are perfect for me and I am imperfect for the world. Just like everyone else is imperfect for me and I am perfect for you.

Given the right circumstances people have this super power to turn their imperfections into beautiful amalgamations of strength and courage like abstract art, so random yet so deep in detail.

Let’s own our imperfections as lessons learnt over the journey of life. Let’s embrace our scars like medals of our honor won while fighting for life. Let’s love our shortcomings as stepping stones to becoming a better person not a perfect one; every second of our mortal lives.

We all have been hurt and broken. Let the care and love shine through the cracks of our souls. Let us mend ourselves not through our struggle for perfection but through our effort for empathy.

Our fears are our strength.

Our flaws are our super powers.

My super power is that I am emotional and sentimental. I think and care and I care too much about little things. I care about You, Me and Us. I care about the pains of the past, worries of the present and joys of the future. Do they sound like flaws. They surely are. But when we acknowledge our flaws they no longer remain our shortcomings, they become our super powers. We have the authority and free will of kindness and love.

And who else is more deserving of our kindness and love than our own selves.

So, embrace your imperfect being with kindness, love and empathy. Don’t strive for something that is unachievable and unworthy.

So, here to our imperfections, may we keep embracing them today, tomorrow and always and may we keep loving Us despite of our imperfections.


No More Mediocrity

Mediocrity is a kill joy. A spoilsport that drowns the joy of effort in drain of ease. It slushes the adrenaline of work into luxuries of comfort.

There are too many things in life to be mediocre at; people, passion and relations shouldn’t be one of these.

We take life for granted. Living it without realizing that the currency we are spending is sooner or later going to end. What if today is the day you have to bid farewell. Give it your all before you give away all. Push, pump, drive, strain, pull, shove, tug, propel… do whatever you can with every ounce of energy you have. Do it today like you aren’t getting another chance to make it better another day. Before giving up, give it your all and hopefully you won’t reach the dead end of surrender.

Live with all your heart, work with all your might.

Don’t be average at your life. Don’t give life a chance to make you feel inferior at your work. Build stamina, bring about courage, create opportunities. Turn your work into your passion. If you couldn’t do it; find a speck of passion and drag it into your work life. It can be as little as saying a word of kindness to someone or as humongous as conducting a charity event for the less privileged.

Mediocrity is the synonym for laziness and breeds greed for an easy life.

It subtracts the joy of achievement and adds up the average of human strength. Mediocre resents and cringes over the achievements of others while losing the gifts of métier and prospects. So, start today, be best at your game and allow no one to take from you what is yours.

Only sheer passion and consistent effort can do this wonder.


New Year Present to Give Yourself

Caspar Benson—Getty Images

We need the love of our self as much as we are willing to give it to the people around us. Because you cannot give what you haven’t received and you cannot give more than you have received. Be it love, kindness or lending an ear to listen. We always take gratitude and pride in giving. Giving others a part of our heart. Giving them a part of our life. Sometimes we put our heart and soul in giving others the gift of our personal attention and care.In doing so we develop an unfathomable urge to receive. To receive the kindness in return. To receive the attention in return. This is a profound human capability to gain from the loss. To gain peace of mind from the loss of time spent on others. To gain contentment of the heart from the loss of spending on presents for others.

In this process, more often we forget the most important person in our lives; OURSELF.

This year, let’s turn the tables. Start this coming year with giving to our self the ultimate gifts that we have been longing since ages. But the ones that we were unable to give our self. Sometimes due to the lack of time on our part and sometimes due to the lack of kindness for our self. We have devised strange ways to deprive our self from our own self. This coming year let’s try to be more kind to our self by following some simple drills.

Hope you will love yourself a bit more, the coming year onwards after this.

Hear Yourself Better

Hear more intently to your heart, body and soul. These are your life long companions. They are your best friend and worst enemy depending on whether you make a friend or foe out of them. Listen to what your heart is asking you for. Pay attention to what are the needs of that sculpted being of yours. Receive what the soul has to offer. Accordingly, change your lifestyle, alter your work profile, develop some healthy habits and improve your praying ritual.

Forgive Yourself First

As it is said that ‘charity begins at home’, same is the case with forgiveness. It also starts from us. If you can’t forgive yourself for your past sins, mistakes and wrongdoings; you will never be able to forgive others. We all know forgiveness is first and foremost meant for us then for others. This is to put down the baggage of the past that we have been carrying for long. It is for our own peace more than for others. So, this coming year put aside all your grudges against yourself. Forgive yourself for everything that hasn’t worked for you till now. Acknowledge that with the experience and knowledge that you had, you did your best. Acknowledge that you have tackled life with the best of your intentions and abilities and you no longer hold yourself accused for all that you couldn’t achieve.

Forgive yourself and do this with utmost kindness and without any hint of resentment. Utmost honesty and gratitude is also required to accept this apology from your own self and knowing that you have forgiven yourself.

This is just one part of the ritual of forgiveness.

Then, move on to the second part of forgiveness. Forgive others. Forgive those who have wronged you, who have done injustice to you.

Know and believe in your heart that sometimes people are driven by their nature rather than circumstances. 

Some people are bound to do good as it is part of their incessant nature. Similarly, if not always but mostly, when people are mean, selfish, dishonest and unfair to others; that’s also an undeniable part of their nature. So, forgive them for their nature over which they don’t have any control. Such people need our forgiveness, more than our response.

Love Yourself Unconditionally 

Don’t torment yourself for not confirming to the expectations of the world. Love yourself for the sake of becoming comfortable in your own skin. Love yourself the way you are. Love yourself with all your inner flaws. Your insecurity, your shyness, your fears are all part of you. They can be tapered but can’t be uprooted altogether. Similarly, love yourself with all your outward flows. Your complexion: dark or light, your voice: coarse or shrill, your height: tall or short, your weight: over or under, your eye color: blue or brown; are just your physical credentials and nothing more than that. Keep it to the level of physical traits only. Anything beyond that is a disgrace to your own self and a denial of gratitude towards the Creator. Work on yourself but only to improve your well-being not to become someone else.

Accept, respect and love yourself the way you are.

Use the Power of Solitude

Seclusion, isolation, privacy; whatever you call it, it’s a gift in every form. It’s the first step in knowing yourself better. Give yourself the gift of some alone time to ponder over your life. Develop a habit, go window shopping, cook for yourself, go for a leisure walk, listen to music, go on a drive, whatever you feel like doing, take time out for your own self.

We all are finite.

Our strengths are also limited. Some day we are going to leave ourselves. Before that learn to know yourself so that you can know this world better. The time spent with your own self is the best time once you start to love and respect your own company.

Don’t be a lonely soul in a crowd, instead become a spectacle in your own self.