No Year Resolution!

New No Year Resolution        

A new year is just around the corner. This is that time of the year, again, when all of us have broken enough rules, savored ample heart-breaks and have been through adequate disappointments. Yet we are all ready to straighten our course and set sails in uncharted waters of the upcoming year. But, in most of the cases we are making way for more disappointments to come over like unannounced guests over the weekend. So, what to do about this.

How to plan for the year head without deviating from our plans later in the year and without facing discontents. Well, solution might lie in not making any resolutions this coming year. Sounds as absurd as it is, yet it still makes sense in its sheer simplicity.

We all try to make unrealistic goals for us, over-optimistically, that sound un-achievable at onset of the New Year. Just as the clock strikes 12 at midnight and the world is celebrating the inception of a brand new year; we expect ourselves to be a different person altogether.

Life can’t be altered in a day or two. It requires the art of consistency coupled with a motivated workmanship.

Each moment is an opportunity to make yourself better. So, this year for a change, we might think to alter the strategy of not making any resolution. Just by taking this decision a huge burden will be lifted off our shoulders. Otherwise, we all know we would be busy in jotting down our list of imperfections to feed our new year resolutions. Let’s not put ourselves under this stress this year.

Take life one day at a time. Devour each day as it arrives. Let us not keep the contentment of achievement put too far away from us. 

Let us taste the fruit of our hard work with each passing day. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket to get them broken as you fail to achieve all the enlisted goals at the end of the year.

On the other hand if you have started thinking of the golden tradition of ‘New Year, New Me’ then you can opt for another elucidation.

Go for one ultimate resolution this year, “I will make myself a better person and will work towards being the best version of myself.”

That is pretty much it. It holds the key to achieving all your goals whether you aim for personal excellence or professional mastery. Each year we make a number of resolutions ranging from changing or adopting personal habits to achieving professional goals. But just a day or two into the New Year, these resolutions start to crumble and with this our hopes start to shatter into pieces. The best way to avoid negativity to set in at the beginning of an emerging year is that we must take measures to change the recipe of contentment.

Although, aim for mastery in most people’s opinion starts with the act of goal setting and thus resolutions are a key ingredient in the recipe of success. But, what if these same set of convictions are demoralizing on account of the non-achievement of a single goal.

If you go through the days of the year that have conceded so far, you will realize that you were able to add a number of  good habits and change a number of bad habits from your personal routine. You might also have acknowledged your weaknesses and strengths. You might have tried to make your connection with the Almighty a bit more strong. You might have explored new dimensions of your personality. Through this practice of living you must have realized that perhaps you have done pretty well without following any particular set of resolutions.

Towards the end of another year, just start to understand the essence of life. It doesn’t lie in achieving heights of perfection. As perfection in its core is unattainable. It’s just a relative term to put us through the agony of comparing ourselves with others.

Life is more than worldly desires and materialistic possessions. It is not defined by the trophies on your shelf, the degrees on your resume or the amount in your account. It is also not defined by the number of items crossed on your bucket list or the destinations stamped on our passport.

It is sometimes just about the contentment in your heart when you lay down to sleep. Sometimes it comes down to the fact that finally you are able to forgive others for their malice and still be in peace. So, if our life is not defined by the mere idols that we have created for us then why go through the trouble of defining our lives by the strict rules of resolutions. Why not live freely without the demons of expectations that the upcoming year will be something an out of the world kind of experience for us. Let us focus on becoming a better version of ourselves this coming year. Let us try to make the lives of the people around us a bit more comfortable with our presence. These simple goals would make pretty much great resolutions for the upcoming year.

So let’s have No Year Resolution!

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