Soul Goals

You, me, all of us; are specks of amazement and streaks of wonder, boxed in finite beings as infinite souls. We are much much more than just beings.

We are a universe in ourselves.

Then how can this universe be so meager and minute, so limited and finite. With limitless desires of the heart and endless beliefs in the mind how we can limit ourselves to mere existences.

The mysteries of the soul are beyond the comprehension of this world.

Soul is never satisfied with worldly gains and materialistic possessions. The most difficult task in life is to quench the thirst of the soul. It desires quality over quantity, it wishes tranquility over clatter, it needs peace more than hustle, it wants to declutter rather than hoard and it aims to listen rather than speak. Still it expresses itself in strange unusual ways; a word of prayer for something, a gesture of tender loving care for someone, a sense of belonging to some place. The soul dwells in the past, present and the future all at once.

Soul is both boundless and rebellious.

You can’t confine it within the physical boundaries of time and place. The soul craves a passion adorned with love, crafted with care and protected with prayers. Be it a person, a place, or a feel.

The goals of the soul are the friend of the self and enemy of the ego.

The goals of the soul open up new dimensions in a world never seen before. The goal that doesn’t bring the being closer to the Almighty is not meant for the soul. Sometimes you find yourself and befriend your soul so early so easily and sometimes it takes up your whole life and energy. Sometimes you find yourself in the world around, sometimes in someone’s prayers and sometimes this remains a never-ending journey. A journey that is unable to reach its destination. You know what the biggest blessing in life is, it is to find pieces of yourself in someone else, to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, to discover the hidden treasures of your being with someone’s help. So when you see someone, when I meet you and you find me let the souls be acquainted with each other and meet yourself through one another.

Find yourself in others and with others.

The Blessings of Ease

We, in our lives are always going through tough times, facing difficulties, dealing with heart breaks, conquering battles and trying to overcome our fears. The only thing the heart desires and the mind craves to face life is a little EASE.

A little cloud of Ease on a hot hard day of life can do wonders.

The Ease that the Almighty kindles among hearts.

The Ease which grows among two friends, souls and companions is one of the most wonderfully beautiful blessings of Almighty.

How comfortable you are in someone’s company. With how much Ease you can share anything with someone. The Ease is what makes friendships greater and relationships rewarding.

The Ease, which by Almighty’s will is shared by humans amongst themselves makes the world go.

Don’t underestimate the rewarding potential of bringing a little Ease in someone’s life.

When you help some, support someone’s decisions, share someone’s burden, avoid being judgmental, listen to other’s untold stories, do a chore for someone, offer a shoulder to cry on, lean a hand to lift someone or just share a smile… it brings a multitude of comfort and creates a mound of ease that cures a myriad of pains. This Ease will always come back to you in strange beautiful ways. The Ease you bring in someone’s life today will surely be rewarded to you one day or the other, one way or the other.

If you can bring about ease, don’t lose this opportunity.

If someone brings you ease, don’t lose them.