How Often Do You Remember Me?

I was a dream which many dream and few achieve. I was the honor, strength and vigor that was on your side when the whole world was standing against you. I have been with you since your early days. I saw you learn and grow and become what you always wanted to be. I was with you in your think and thin. I put in my resources to make you stand tall.

I was part of your struggles. I contributed in your achievements.

Yet I was the only one to be blamed for all your failures. I was always questioned as what I did for you and never did I ask what you have done for me. I sacrificed my past for your present and am still willing to sacrifice for your future. I could do whatever was in my humble capacity to fulfill all your dreams. Yet all you wished was to find new horizons and discover new dimensions in the world out there. You left, you are leaving, and you will leave in the pursuit of a better future. Although, you could find it in me and with me.

Still I cling to your side as your sole identity in the world.

I was blamed, cursed, mocked and criticized for being who I am. Although it wasn’t my fault at all. You made me become what I am today. Despite of all this condemnation I still hold you dear to me. I wish our ways would not have parted.

I pray that we find solace in each other before its too late and I’m too weak to squeak.

I want you to turn back to me before the world deprives us of our integrity and strength. I see you cry and worry about your near and dear ones like I long for your attention. I hear you pray for their well-being like I wish the best for you. But then, I ponder that how often you remember me as part of the ritual of prayer…

I… who once was dear to you…for materialistic reasons or otherwise……….              Your Beloved Country!

Similar Strange Fate

Walking down the street

Looking at a stone

I kicked it away

So, I thought

HE is the one

Who decides the fate

of each stone

Where it will be kicked away

Out of the way

By whom


Out of who’s way

We humans have the same fate

In our course of life

It is destined

Where we are meant to be

In who’s journey of life

To be chosen by whom


Rejected by whom

Thus, stones on a path

and We, in our lives

Have a similar strange fate

Journey and Destination


I want the journey

To continue


And never to reach

A destination


Journeys are magical


destinations are mythical

Journeys make you disappear

To travel

In the world of your thoughts

Destinations are

The people we don’t want to meet

The places we don’t want to visit

and things we don’t want to do

So, sometimes I just want to escape reality


Want the journey to continue

Never to reach anywhere 

Just Sometimes…..

That Abandoned Bike!

Patrick Lynch / Alamy Stock Photo

Life changes us

whether we like it or not

Sometimes we leave what we love and

some other times that love leaves us

Just like that abandoned bike

along the lake

that was left to rust

No one knew where it come from

Whose bike was it and

why it was left there

But, it laid there

tilted towards one side

As if it was waiting for its owner or

may be for someone who can adopt it like his own

and take it home

But, it was abandoned like a neglected child,

like a left-out pet

We humans do the same to people and places

Sometimes we are too selfish to think for the ones

whom we leave behind

Sometimes we are too engrossed in our own lives

that we fail to feel the pain of those whom we leave behind

Just like that abandoned bike!