The Curse of Comparisons

As if the weight of life was not enough that we added the burden of comparisons. The young souls who haven’t even learnt to utter a single word go through the agony of comparisons. That too based on corporal traits and personal attributes; where they cannot exercise any control. Why then we compare! To satisfy our inner unfulfilled desires. To quench our thirst for unkind condemnation. To relieve ourselves of the responsibility of following through in our own lives. Or just to relinquish to our utmost evil intentions.

Kind or harsh, innocent or cruel, whatever the intention may be, the curse of comparisons that once befalls on someone has long lasting repercussions.

Still we compare and get compared. So, the agony is bifold. Can the right hand be like the left? Can the left profile be a copy of the right profile? We compare our journey to the destination of others. We compare our first step with the last of others.

Amateurs are compared to professionals. A fish to a bird. An artist to a scientist.

Whereas, qualities and skills are unique to everyone. Why then let them go through the misery of comparisons.

Acknowledge, accept and appreciate whatever one has and whoever one is.

For life’s beauty lies in the contrasting colors of our auras. No one is perfect as a whole. But we are all perfectly beautiful one way or the other. So, don’t steal others happiness by merely comparing them with others.

Be independent in your own right without the shackles and limiting beliefs of comparisons.

Never underestimate your potential of being humane based on the outrageous comparisons of color and creed.

Live with the belief that you are unique in your own beautiful way and the depths of the soul cannot be compared with anything and anyone.