No More Mediocrity

Mediocrity is a kill joy. A spoilsport that drowns the joy of effort in drain of ease. It slushes the adrenaline of work into luxuries of comfort.

There are too many things in life to be mediocre at; people, passion and relations shouldn’t be one of these.

We take life for granted. Living it without realizing that the currency we are spending is sooner or later going to end. What if today is the day you have to bid farewell. Give it your all before you give away all. Push, pump, drive, strain, pull, shove, tug, propel… do whatever you can with every ounce of energy you have. Do it today like you aren’t getting another chance to make it better another day. Before giving up, give it your all and hopefully you won’t reach the dead end of surrender.

Live with all your heart, work with all your might.

Don’t be average at your life. Don’t give life a chance to make you feel inferior at your work. Build stamina, bring about courage, create opportunities. Turn your work into your passion. If you couldn’t do it; find a speck of passion and drag it into your work life. It can be as little as saying a word of kindness to someone or as humongous as conducting a charity event for the less privileged.

Mediocrity is the synonym for laziness and breeds greed for an easy life.

It subtracts the joy of achievement and adds up the average of human strength. Mediocre resents and cringes over the achievements of others while losing the gifts of métier and prospects. So, start today, be best at your game and allow no one to take from you what is yours.

Only sheer passion and consistent effort can do this wonder.

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