There is a Time for Everything!

Life is composed of wishes; little, small, big, huge. Some change the course of life and some are changed during the course of life. We all wish and crave for something in each phase of our life. Some wishes are materialistic and worldly; some intrinsic and mystical. Wishes sometimes fill our hearts with joy when granted, and sometimes haunt us when they are not granted. The most painful part in the journey of wishing is The Waiting. The wait is seldom coupled with a grateful heart and mostly is accompanied by a fixating pain of anxiety.

Life, ultimately grants you everything that you once wished for. It just takes time, patience and belief.

Life is There was a time when you were wishing for your first cell phone, your first personal computer.

Then came a time when you got what you wished for.

Some more time passed, and some more advanced gadgets were introduced in the tech-market.

You aimed for a new and your very first laptop and your first smart phone.

Time and tide of life delivered what you wanted.

Some more time passed

Adolescence turned into maturity

College life was replaced by professional life

Little wishes turned into big dreams

The wishes that once seemed too far fetched were now just dreams that require some sweat and blood.

Ultimately you bought your first and very own car and house.

With time, the materialistic wishes turned into spiritual goals.

Life has its own time and way of granting wishes. Sometimes the preparation comes first then the things we wished for.

That first cell phone, job, car, house; That best friend, co-worker, companion; That little or big change you want in yourself; All comes at the right time.

If it is written for you, it will be granted, one day or the other, one way or the other.

Don’t rush anything.

Don’t push anything.

People, places, things; are all little parts of the big scheme just like little parts of a bigger jigsaw puzzle.

If the goal is meant to be granted, all the ingredients of this recipe will also be provided.

Just wait patiently with a grateful heart and an open mind.

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