The Veil of Lies is thin!


There is a season for everything that happens to us, as there is a reason for everything that we do. There is also a timing for every revelation that happens.

The truth has a timing for its validation as well, just as the lie has a moment for its refutation.

Lies look like lilies from afar but the moment you come closer they are no more than a mirage of thorns.  No amount of effort can hide the truth for long and no amount of dismissal can hold the lies forever. Fringe benefits of choosing a lie over truth don’t last long just as the veil of lies has to come off sooner or later. 

You, Me, All of Us strive all our lives to be our own idols and be remembered for the good deeds that we haven’t even done.

We sugarcoat our personalities, mould our wordings, mask our intentions, shroud our wrongdoings…

…what for…just a portion of worldly benefits…just for some loose change of admiration. What you are and who you are is a story written in stone. How ironic that we try to twist the reality and attempt to control the fate of the ones around us with a bunch of lies. No matter how desperately you try to succeed, how eagerly you try to prove yourself, you have no right to discredit any one and demerit any soul with the perceptions of your false fabricated realities.

We all, in our lifetimes are going to have our fair share of hard-earned  and heart-felt truths.

The lie will befriend you in its trap, but the truth will set you free. Every lie someday must surrender to its counterpart; a truth. So, if you are among the ones spreading lies; beware, the world of lies is a short-lived joy and an embarrassment forever. But, if you are among the fortunate ones, who are being lied about, rejoice, that the bliss of truth will vindicate your past troubles.

The world is a global village for a lie. It soon and ultimately reaches the liar and the victim both; exposing one and liberating the other.

Be glad that you are on the other side of the fence, where although the view is not that pleasing, but it is real. Where the thin veil of lies has come from the face of life.

Now, the direction will be clearer, and decisions will be crisper.

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