Just BE.

If you want to paint, write, fly, hike…… just do it. People will scare you of the consequences of chasing your dreams. The consequences of getting out there and do your thing. The consequences of being out there, barefooted, in the world of harsh verdicts. People criticize, and they will do it…always.

They criticize the doers the most.

So, BE what you wish to be. BE what you feel to be in your bones. BEing is sometimes scary, because you do not know what the reaction of the world around you will be. What the perception of the near and dear ones around you will be.

People might come at you like an erupting volcano. Or they might come to you like ardent fans.

What to do if they come at you criticizing. But what if they come to you with words of praise and gleam of admiration. This is too cherished a dream to give up BEing. The shards of judgement might hurt you. But not BEing what you are meant to be will hurt your own self.

So, be that blogger, that photographer, that performer. Because opinions are  not meant to be taken to your heart. The best answer to them is having that delight in doing and the joy in being.

When you do and be what is cherished by the heart and prized by the soul, opinions don’t matter.

So, Just BE.

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